Monday, August 14, 2006

Namaste !

We agree ! Long time no news ... sorry la
We are actually in Dahrmasala getting ready to leave India to enter its rival: Pakistan.

We left you in Hanoi where after a couple of weeks discovering Hanoi and its surroundings; our hero ... i call Mr. Jack the Gaillard ... met us in Hanoi to share a few bike rides and Pho soup as well as exchanging our summer clothes for our trekking gears: Tent, sleeping bags, polars, etc...

After a short flights to Delhi and a few days fighting with the Indian administration (French civil workers are really efficient in comparaison... no offence !) and the Paki and Kyrgys embassies we made our way to the amazing indian himlayas. (yes yes ... we saw the Taj)(stunning !)

We headed towards the city of Leh (where you get ready for your trek and you spent a few days acclimating yourself to the altitude (3500m)) through the second highest motorable road in the world (highest peak to cross at 5400 meters).... this road is just amazing ... stunning ... just go for it (counter part: it takes 22hours of uncomfortable bus ride).

Then the trek;
full of adventure spirit and will of freedom we decided to stay away from the trekking agencies who (rightly) propose the full package with donkeys, guides, food, etc... (you just have to painfully carry your water and your chocolate cakes).
But no; we decided to be smart and to go shopping for Kerosen, stove, dry food, and cooking gears ... Oh tough we looked ... (at the beginning :)) and stuff everything on our back packs. (15 to 18 Kgs each)

After 7 days of an amazing trek ... we came back with half a back and a love for donkeys that will cross our path in the future.
That was an amazing experience... just beautiful !
The rain decided to be part of the fun as well as she shown up most of the days at the exact time to set the tent and light up the stove.
After a few change of itinaries due to overflowing rivers and landslides we made our way to a small village called Shilla (4 - 5 mini farms all together) and spent a couple of days with Staljing and its family ...

Here we are; now in Daharmsala, where we just came back this morning from a public audience by his holiness, the Dalai Lama .. he look likes Woody allen without hair !... and getting ready for Pakistan.

Djule !

Nic & Dan

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