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At 6:31 PM, Blogger Mr. Couille said...

Am I stupid or what? (anyone who answer yes is a dead person!) Why did I go to Hanoi!? I liked it but I guess it does not worth the second highest pass in the world. Now you really look like back packers. Nico did you really try with the goats? I mean yes they're cute, but not when your girlfriend is taking the pictures please, it's sick.

At 4:59 AM, Anonymous Ben the Furry Kerrie said...

Hey guys,

Great photos - you both look like well accostomed / seasoned travellers.

Your holiday sounds good but...

Trina and I first got out of bed this morniing, looking out the window facing yet another piturseque & polluted day in paradise we decided to jump on the "Ding Ding" and go the Shakiwaun. FYI: it's like a tram...but not.

Once there we noted how great an experience that was so turned back on the return "Ding Ding" heading for a place called Kennedy Town. You should see this place, amazing, lots of buildings and the local speak cantonese!!

Upon leaving Kennedy Town two days later we donned our climbing gear including - shorts, singlet, Bon Aqua and Mars Bar (for energy as the locals told us the whether can turn on you and be stuck on the mountain for days) and climbed this massive mountain here. It's a two day walk and you end up at a place called the "peak". You cannot imagine the walk.

First starting along a trail called "Hollywood Rd" we walked past quite a few dangerous animals stumbling out of caves, the locals call them "Home Base".
Trina was scared although I was the man in this situation and fended them off with a Heineken (local weapon sought of shaped like a beer bottle...but not, you can buy them everywhere here).

Anyway, while trekking along the "Hollywood" trail we started to prepare for the steep climb to the Peak. We had acclimitized for two weeks already so were prepared.

Getting closer to the steep climb we checked our supplies one more time. Singlet - on / check, Bon Aqau - in bag / check, Mars Bar - Mars Bar?? Trina eat it!!! Ok, I anticipated this and bought back up. OK ready to climb.

Ok, "Trina give me the pass", I asked. FYI: In order to climb the mountain you have to pay local tax, it comes in the form of a card, looks like a credit card...but not.

"Ben, she says, I gave it to you when we left Central". Shit if we haven't got this pass we had to travel all the way back along the Hollywood trail..I looked again in my bag while Trina checked hers but still no pass...shit, where is the Octopus!!!!

To be continued....


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